Search for AEC Connector product data
via Google Drive

(You can browse AEC's product JPG images and PDF drawings more quickly via Google Drive.​

If you want to "search" a specific product number, you need to perform the following steps:

1.Link to AEC public folder:

2.Sign in Google Drive.

3.Add the "AEC Connectors" folder to My Drive.(​Figure 1)

When you're done, just enter the number in the search field above and you'll find the information you need.

透過Google drive您可以更快速瀏覽AEC上傳的產品JPG圖片及PDF圖面




3.將"AEC Connectors"資料夾新增至我的雲端硬碟(圖一)完成後,只要在上方搜尋欄位輸入編號,您就可以找到所需資料

Figure 1

AEC Connector

AEC Connectors

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